Principal Software Engineer – Snowpark Languages


  • Full Time

Build the future of data. Join the Snowflake team.

Snowpark expands the Snowflake Data Platform to data engineering, data science and machine learning.

You will design the APIs and SDKs and language features that data engineers, data scientists and ML practitioners will use to analyze and transform data, and build production ready workflows. You will lead a team of engineers to implement these features across all language runtimes supported by Snowflake. 


  • You are passionate about programming languages and API design
  • You are driven to make an industry-wide impact in the burgeoning fields of data engineering, data science and machine learning
  • You are excited about building the next generation of libraries and services for large-scale data analytics and processing


  • Turn company vision and goals into concrete, achievable engineering targets.
  • Ideate, design and lead teams to implement cutting-edge libraries for data transformation, analytics, training and inference.
  • Work with product managers and engineers across Snowflake to provide a refined experience for developers and scientists in our customer base.
  • Provide technical guidance for your team on both strategic and tactical issues.  


  • 10+ years of experience designing and building languages, libraries and APIs.
  • Knowledge of existing language runtimes – python in particular. 
  • Experience with query language compilers and optimizers.
  • Knowledge of the internals of distributed compute platforms like Spark, DASK preferred.
  • Knowledge of database system architecture preferred.
Job Overview