Workplace Experience Manager


Qualtrics is building a new category called Experience Management. Our Workplace Experience Team is at the forefront of building a model on how to manage a really great experience in our offices. Qualtrics is becoming serious about growing our presence in the Raleigh metropolitan.  This role will be permanently based at our Raleigh office. With great size and importance comes great responsibilities. We are looking for a person that will step in to develop and deploy a program to not only keep the lights on and coffee filled in both offices, but also support in building a workplace employees want to work in. 

We face a challenge today. Before the Pandemic our employees had to work in the offices. It was required. Today we have moved to a flexible model, and thus the responsibility of making the workplace cool falls on this role and its broader global team. The Workplace Experience team was formed globally to empower our Workplace Managers to have the right resources and institutional support to drive real, impactful, dynamic change to our workplaces. Our Workplace Experience Managers are the heart and soul of our offices: they keep the essential parts of the office running but also bring the pep and zest to the physical space. They need to embody the core values of Qualtrics: TACOS, and be the type of person that remembers to keep their wits and sense of humor in stressful situations. 



The person to assume the mantle of the Workplace Experience Manager role in our Raleigh office is someone who is all-in on making our offices the greatest places to work at. This person will need to assess the current state of the workplace experience and be able to put together a bold vision for the future. This person will need to be comfortable operating autonomously, but also have a proven track record as an organized, enthusiastic and cross-functional collaborator. They need to be solutions oriented. This person will need to have impeccable customer engagement skills, and be able to plan a happy hour at a moment's notice. They need to be comfortable working with data, making real time changes to programs as a response to feedback. This person needs to have the mentality and personality to juggle the boring tasks, and the fun tasks – like rearranging tired furniture and picking out new furniture to replace those tired pieces. This role is critically important to the operations of our largest office on the eastern side of the US and thus the person who fills it needs to be a rockstar humble enough to be willing to stock granola bars in the snack stations if needed!



From the moment you arrive, the main goal is to take the current state of the offices and transform them into places people want to come to! You will need to implement a Workplace Experience Program designed to listen to your customers in what they want, and figure out how to make it happen! A part of that is managing the return to the office strategy, understanding the concerns employees have and putting in solutions that soothe those concerns. That could include revamping the existing food program, working with our Design team to make spaces more welcoming, safe and inspiring, providing employees a map of where they can go on their first days back and who they will be sitting by, or even hosting social events that attract folks into the workplace. Everything you do builds the workplace Culture in our office! You will need a substantial background in hospitality and event management with a special focus on equity and inclusion to ensure the office is inviting to all employees. On the day to day, you will be responsible for a pleasing reception experience and the office is looking pristine yet lived-in and comfy. You will need to juggle the demands of a fully operational mail system, food program, training spaces and interview rooms, along with all other office operations. 



But we can’t do it alone. In addition to a network of nearly two dozen Workplace Experience professionals in nearly a dozen countries, you will work hand in glove with our partners in the Facilities Operations space, along with our central Real Estate team. Physical security is also a key partner as they share responsibility for our reception space. Other partners include our DEI organization, as they take special focus on assuring our workplaces are accessible and inclusive for all employees and the Finance team, as they support you to manage your various budgets and help you work with vendors and outsourced partners. You will also be the frontline support for our corporate sustainability initiatives, and closely aligned with our IT teams. This role is really the ring leader and project manager of our workplaces, touching all aspects of the corporate ecosystem to build a truly incredible experience for our employees. 


Qualifications & Requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, communications or related field (or within 3 months of graduation)
  • Dedicated to delivering high-quality customer service to both internal and external clients
  • Exceptional attention to detail 
  • Organized: ability to prioritize multiple tasks and complete in a timely manner
  • Excellent verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Integrity and discretion in handling confidential information


  • Up to 2 years of work experience in an hospitality, high end retail or office management role (internship or work while pursuing degree is acceptable)
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: ability to take initiative, work independently and drive tasks to completion
  • Adaptive: ability to take ownership of new tasks with little notice or instruction
  • Proficient with Google suite of products (Word, Excel, Microsoft)
  • Experience working at a global company and across multiple locations/timezones 
  • Passion for and understanding of technology