Product Manager – Mobile Deliverability & Compliance


  • Full Time

At Klaviyo, we value the unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives each Klaviyo (we call ourselves Klaviyos) brings to our workplace each and every day. We believe everyone deserves a fair shot at success and appreciate the experiences each person brings beyond the traditional job requirements. If you’re a close but not exact match with the description, we hope you’ll still consider applying.

Product Managers at Klaviyo are instrumental in crafting a great product and first-class experience for our customers. They are skilled practitioners who have been directly responsible for identifying the most important problems to solve for customers and collaborating with various cross-functional teams to deliver the right improvements to a product. At Klaviyo, you’ll work in the kind of high-growth environment that offers unlimited potential. The potential to be a driving force of an evolving product roadmap and vision for your product area and the potential to define new ways of working for the next generation of Product Managers. Klaviyo’s fast growth will ensure that there are no shortage of opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

Why You Should Join the Mobile: KOps, D&C Team

As a Product Manager for the Mobile: KOps, D&C team you’ll be responsible for building the features and tooling necessary to help our internal customers, e.g. Deliverability & Compliance Support teams, be more proactive in identifying opportunities for customers to achieve better SMS deliverability and mitigating platform abuse that can impact the Klaviyo platform and customers.

You’ll have the opportunity to create tools and features that make the D&C Support teams faster, more efficient, and happier in their quality of life through less manual or time-consuming work. This work will be directly, and positively impactful for Klaviyos and customers.

The PM for this role will own and define the strategy and roadmap for this product area to help shape the future of this work and how this team can best serve its customers.

You’ll report to the Group Product Manager, Delivery Enablement.

How You Will Make a Difference

  • The ultimate measure of success for Product Managers at Klaviyo is positively impacting our customers and moving towards the results we care about. You will focus on tracking, analyzing, and improving metrics for your area of the product to ensure Klaviyo is achieving those results.
  • We cannot build products that exceed our customer’s expectations without truly understanding those customers. At Klaviyo, knowledge about our customers is power. You will spend a lot of time engaging with our customers to build their voice into your product area.
  • Product Managers at Klaviyo think deeply and analytically. We strive to make the best decision possible at all times by leveraging our rigor of thought. You will tease out problems, break them down into small, digestible pieces, and put them back together as elegant solutions for our customers.
  • You are exceptional at articulating your thinking through the written word. As a company, our success hinges on collectively being great and prolific communicators.
  • Product Managers are expected to be experts on their product area and grow into collaborative peers that help accelerate or level up the product team as a whole. You bring a bias for action and thoughtful opinions about how we work to help Klaviyo continue to evolve in how we build products.

What You’ll Do

Collaborate and communicate – you will collaborate with all teams within the company and all parties outside of the company to be most effective in your role.

Manage a roadmap – you will prioritize all potential projects for our product area, and focus on those with the largest impact.

Write great specs – you will define every use case a customer would consider, document potential ways to solve, identify outstanding concerns, flag edge cases, and leave no stone unturned. You sweat the details and are passionate about making sure that every experience is understood, anticipated, and handled elegantly.

Ship features – you will get value into customer hands. For all of the work that goes into planning and coordination, we stay focused on delivering improved solutions and experiences every day.

Learn – you will be a voracious learner. A lack of experience/knowledge around a challenge is an invitation to dive deep and become an expert in that area. You should love learning and tackling new challenges.

Your First 90 Days

In your first 30 days, you will get acclimated to Klaviyo and our product:

  • During the first two weeks, you will be immersed in an onboarding program that introduces you to the company and the product.
  • Spend time in Support, helping customers work through issues.  There’s no better way to get a holistic understanding of the product, and to get to know our customers.
  • Be introduced to everyone you will need to know in order to be successful in your role.

In your first 60 days, you will become a valuable member of the team:

  • Take ownership of a key area of the product, and become the go-to expert for that area.
  • Have a quick impact by spec’ing and building your first product features.

In your first 90 days, you will continue to increase your influence:

  • Formulate the strategy and roadmap for your product area.
  • Start contributing to knowledge sharing with the larger product team. We value learning and growth very highly.

Who You Are

Required / Must Have

  • A few years of product management experience in B2B and/or eCommerce
  • Strong written communication skills with an emphasis on brevity and clarity for complex topics
  • Empathic and deeply curious with an ability to leverage these attributes to do great product work
  • Great collaborator with low/no ego who can move complex projects forward with cross-functional peers (e.g. engineering, design)

Desirable / Nice to Have

  • A few years experience working in the Mobile/SMS industry
  • Proficient in qualitative customer interviewing
  • Well-versed in working asynchronously by default
  • Willingness to ship iteratively with a low level of shame
  • Excels at building and maintaining relationships to operate on a foundation of trust with cross-functional peers, Klaviyo leadership, and customers


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