Content Marketer

What could be better than being a Content Marketer for a content creation platform? Being a content marketer for the Foleon content creation platform!


Foleon is a leading content creation platform providing business teams with a fast and scalable way to produce highly-engaging content experiences that bring a new level of intelligence to their customer journeys. Foleon is based in Amsterdam and New York and serves more than 1,400 global B2B brands.

We value people who are bold, ambitious, collaborative, and customer-centric. Even better, the ones who know how to work hard and have fun at the same time. We’re a team of highly driven people, with a great sense of human connection and a clear focus. If you’re looking to build your marketing career in a fast-growing international tech scale-up, you’re in the right place.


Your Mission

  • To find and tell the stories that matter most to our audience, and
    translate those to effective pieces across the entire marketing funnel.

  • You’ll craft new content based on a variety of marketing goals such as lead
    generation, brand awareness and customer engagement.

  • You will be in charge of updating and maintaining all current publications — you
    know our content inside and out and make sure it is always up to date and relevant.

  • You can take a request like “we need a MOFU piece around ABM” and turn it into
    sharp, engaging, effective content that helps everyone reach their goals. In other
    words, you’re not just filling requests, you’re drilling big ideas down into bite-sized
    pieces of content our audience craves.

  • And as a Content Marketer writing for an audience of Content Marketers, you are in
    a unique position to guide and inspire our readers as a thought leader.


Your Focus

As a Content Marketer, you are the voice behind our brand. It’s your mission to take our big

ideas and themes and translate them into engaging content that helps, guides and inspires

our audience. Your core focus will be to create and publish a wide range of long- and short-form

content, ranging anywhere from blogs and ebooks, to brochures, landing pages and

web copy.


Your Responsibilities

  • Create helpful, effective and engaging content across the entire marketing funnel.

  • Strategize with team members and stakeholders to come up with the best angle to
    meet the goals of the piece.

  • Edit and proofread for correctness and alignment with brand tone of voice.

  • Work with others in the Marketing team to create and execute on our content

  • Collaborate with experts to continuously optimize for SEO.
    Participate in ideation and execution of brand awareness campaigns.

  • Know our thought leaders throughout the organization and understand how to tap
    into their knowledge to produce useful content for our audience.

  • Create your own thought leadership content around the area of content marketing 

Your Competences

  • An excellent copywriter with native-level English writing skills

  • A natural storyteller

  • Highly organized and structured

  • Creative

  • A pro at giving and receiving constructive feedback

  • Detail oriented but also able to zoom out and see the bigger picture

Your Qualifications

  • At least 2 years experience as a Content Marketer

  • A solid understanding of writing for SEO

  • Impeccable grammar

  • Experience working in a B2B SaaS scale-up