Staff Product Manager, Dash for Organizations


  • Full Time

Role Description 

Product managers set the vision for our growing family of products. We’re responsible for guiding multidisciplinary teams toward a common goal: shipping high quality products and creating business value. As advocates for both our users and our business, the best product managers balance a range of functional perspectives and empower their teams to do great, high impact work.
As a Staff Product Manager, you will lead a cross-functional squad focused on building new products to help organizations improve workplace productivity by reducing the cognitive burden of context switching for their employees throughout the workday.
You will be focused on crafting experiences for our end users by executing projects with engineers, designers, analysts and researchers in a fast-paced outcome-oriented environment. The role requires a mix of product sense, competitive analysis, relentless execution, and well-honed customer judgment.  You will be responsible for leading the development of new work surfaces cross-platform. 


  • Build a powerful product that’s easy to learn, simple to use, and grows to meet its users’ complex needs.
  • Lead and guide product discovery and direction for a fast-moving cross-functional team of engineering, design, analytics, and research
  • Be the voice of the customer and help provide context, empathy and rationale behind customer needs. 
  • Realize big, impactful initiatives from start to finish, articulating a vision, gathering and scoping requirements, planning and coordinating development, and shipping iterative improvements.
  • Make data-informed decisions. Know how you’re measuring success before starting any project. Obsess over your KPIs. Know when to commit more or less resources.
  • Communicate clearly and crisply with leadership stakeholders and drive alignment across multiple teams in scrappy ways.
  • Launch highly visible, well documented features and improvements with pace and quality, collaborating with marketing, support, customer success, and sales.
  • Define new product goals working closely with engineers, designers, senior leaders, and other PMs.


  • 5+ years of experience delivering highly successful and innovative software products, 2+ years in a 0→1 environment. Bonus if you have experience building B2B products
  • Entrepreneurial drive and demonstrated ability to achieve stretch goals in an innovative and fast-paced environment, while building extensible and scalable solutions. You can turn ambiguous problems and big ideas into a roadmap of features, experiments, and research with minimal guidance
  • Flawless product craft and product intuition; expert in balancing user and business impact as well as short- and long-term impact
  • Build alignment and listen well, but can also drive hard decisions, framing the different options and tradeoffs. 
  • You push the pace. You take blame and pass the praise. People love working with you
  • Proven ability to lead teams and work cross-functionally in a highly collaborative environment
  • Ability to analyze and use quantitative and qualitative data to inform decisions
  • A deep understanding and empathy for consumer and business users — you love building products that make our customers feel joy, delight and trust
  • You’re a strong communicator, with an ability to influence with cross-functional collaboration skills

Total Rewards

For candidates hired in San Francisco metro, New York City metro, or Seattle metro, the expected salary/On-Target Earnings (OTE) range for the role is currently $222,700 – $262,000 – $301,300. 

For candidates hired in the following locations: Austin (TX) metro, Chicago metro, California (outside SF metro), Colorado, Connecticut (outside NYC metro), Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York (outside NYC metro), Oregon, Pennsylvania (outside NYC or DC metro), Washington (outside Seattle metro) and Washington DC metro, the expected salary/On-Target Earnings (OTE) range for the role is currently $200,400 – $235,800 – $271,200. 

For candidates hired in all other US locations, the expected salary/On-Target Earnings (OTE) range for this role is currently $178,200 – $209,600 – $241,000. 

Range(s) is subject to change. Dropbox takes a number of factors into account when determining individual starting pay, including job and level they are hired into, location/metropolitan area, skillset, and peer compensation. Dropbox uses the zip code of an employee’s remote work location to determine which metropolitan pay range we use. 

Salary/OTE is just one component of Dropbox’s total rewards package. All regular employees are also eligible for the corporate bonus program or a sales incentive (target included in OTE) as well as stock in the form of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs).