Senior Software Engineer, Equity Calculations and Reporting

The Company You’ll Join

At Carta we create owners and make private markets liquid. 

We live in a world where some people live on the equity stack and enjoy exponential wealth growth and preferential tax treatment; others live on the debt stack and may work their entire lives for a company and retire only with the cash they’ve managed to save from their paychecks. Our contribution to solving the wealth inequality problem is moving people from the debt stack (payroll) to the equity stack. By making it as easy to issue equity to employees as it is to put them on payroll, we can create more owners. 

At Carta, we are helpful, transparent, fair, and kind. We are relentless executors, unconventional thinkers, and masters of our craft. 

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The Team You’ll Work With

This role is on the Equity Calculations and Reporting team within the Equity Transaction org. 

We have a small but mighty team of individuals that includes product managers, engineers, designers, and sales. We work closely with other teams across Carta and are united by a common vision to create more owners and take Carta to the next level. We are the stewards of accurate definitions and calculations in the company. 

The Problems You’ll Solve

The team owns two initiatives in the org.

Single Source of Truth:

Key cap table and customer data points are ‘synthesized’ values across the Carta platform. These values can significantly impact company decisions, from corporate governance and financial decisions, to individual employee equity allocation and tax.

We are driven by the common goal to make these synthesized terms on Carta Consistent and Performant. We are re-architecting the codebase influenced by the Domain Driven design principles to ensure the underlying complex business logic is encapsulated allowing for a Single Source of Truth(SSoT) for these terms throughout the company. Examples of some complex problem our engineers work on: 

  • How does the intra-day events ordering affect the available shares number on a company’s Captable. 
  • How do we ensure intricate calculations can be performed quickly and made accessible to partner teams
  • Testing for quality at scale (how do we ensure these numbers are right for 20K+ companies on Carta)

Report Builder(Custom Reporting):

Private companies (think Stripe or Airbnb) mature and their stock becomes more liquid. As these companies grow, stakeholders, like CFOs, equity administrators and HR need to extract data from Carta in the form of accurate, instant and customizable reports. These reports also need to be compliant and specific for third-party auditors and more. In this role, you will:

  • Build a reliable and scalable reporting service that enables our largest and most valuable customers to extract data in customized formats for their companies 
  • Tackle challenges that come with building a service that needs to be highly responsive, accurate and handle large amounts of data
  • Design, build and interact with a large variety of internal APIs in a Service Oriented Architecturemicroservices environment
  • Architect the future of Carta’s reporting service for our most valuable customers to grow Carta’s business

The Impact You’ll Have

Why is this important ? Our customers' trust and reliance on Carta is dependent on clear and consistent understanding of their cap table and stakeholders.

Report Builder is a must have for our customers(~30% of the reports generated on the platform are customizable). Your work will directly impact Carta business by lowering customer churn rates and providing an opportunity to deepen customer relationships. You will also impact Carta’s future tech stack and engineering culture by mentoring junior engineers as we fulfill our mission. 

About You

You have 10+ years of fullstack or backend engineering experience building scalable production quality systems. You have strong technical skills, experience building systems that scale, and enjoy working with various types of skillsets and stakeholders across a fast-growing organization. Some knowledge of and interest in financial technology is ideal. You’re a strong communicator and enjoy building thoughtful solutions that truly drive business objectives. You’re not a bystander — you’re an active participant and have a strong analytical opinion and position on how software should be engineered.

Our tech stack is Python, Django, React, Postgres and Scala. Prior experience with these technologies is ideal, but not required. Working as a tech lead and/or using Domain Driven Design principles in a previous role is a plus. We have people in our team who will help you figure it out, grow your skills and help you learn — and ideally, learn from you too. We believe in transparent learning without ego. 

The Interview Process

Our team believes that interviews are a two-way process and we strive to make them enjoyable without any “gotchas.” The interview process starts with a call with a member of our warm, amazing recruiting team who will tell you more about the job and the company. Then, you’ll meet the Engineering Manager for the team, Anuj, who will walk you through the specifics of the position, the team structure, what we’re looking for, and of course, answer any questions you will have. This interview will last 30-45 minutes. Then, there’s a technical take-home assignment where you’ll be working on a practical problem in the language of your choice. The take-home assignment is not timed but most people take about two hours or less. Finally, we will schedule you for another four or five meetings with other team members to discuss everything from Carta’s culture to cross-team collaboration and what you can expect, and what is expected from you.


We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to providing a positive interview experience for every candidate. If accommodations due to a disability or medical condition are needed, connect with us via email at As a company, we value fairness, helpfulness, transparency, leadership and build our teams around these values. Check out our careers page to get to know us better as you think about your next step at Carta.