Senior Program Manager, Design & UX


The Company You’ll Join

At Carta we create owners and make private markets liquid. 

We live in a world where some people live on the equity stack and enjoy exponential wealth growth and preferential tax treatment; others live on the debt stack and may work their entire lives for a company and retire only with the cash they’ve managed to save from their paychecks. Our contribution to solving the wealth inequality problem is moving people from the debt stack (payroll) to the equity stack. By making it as easy to issue equity to employees as it is to put them on payroll, we can create more owners. 

At Carta, we are helpful, transparent, fair, and kind. We are relentless executors, unconventional thinkers, and masters of our craft. 

Learn more about our Series G fundraising round here

The Team You’ll Work With

Carta’s Design & UX team believes that great user experiences precede great businesses.

While equity and ownership management are complex subjects, we aim to deliver user experiences on the web and mobile that are delightful, simple-to-use, cleanly designed, fast, and magical. Our team works across the entire development organization to develop the strategies and tools to make this goal a reality. Specifically, we work most closely with our design organization, design system (Ink), front-end architecture, mobile, and discovery teams. Together we catalyze releases that uplevel the Carta user experience for everyone: employees, company administrators, law firms, investors, board members, etc.

Our program manager needs the intellectual horsepower to understand how our team interacts with the other moving parts of Carta and is organized enough to deliver great projects in a highly collaborative  environment. High IQ and EQ required! We want someone can think both big (“how do the pieces fit together?”) as well as get into the details of projects (“how does this work?”). 

The Problems You’ll Solve

Program Managers at Carta help us achieve Carta’s mission to create more informed owners everywhere. They drive cross-functional projects across multiple product areas and leverage a multifaceted toolkit of skills including leadership, communication, collaboration, analytics, and critical-thinking skills. Carta Program Managers use their experience building great software to help our business and development teams solve problems and deliver solutions. 

Some of the Problems you will Solve

  • Organize design process efforts from project initiation through measuring impact
  • Work with our design system team (ink) to define our roadmap and adoption of new componentry
  • Coordinate roll-out of our front-end architecture strategy
  • Outline dependencies and milestones between our web and mobile experiences
  • Coordinate the redesign of Carta’s web experience, interacting with all teams and user groups at Carta over the coming quarters.

About You

  • Organized: Program Managers help create order from chaos. They know the pulse of their teams and how to keep them focused and moving forward. They manage workflows across teams, projects, and offices and are the go to source for information.
  • Cross-functional: Program Managers lead and coordinate development efforts between internal business and development teams. They ensure that Carta’s business needs are translated into requirements. They drive execution (planning, coordination, project management) of technology projects from ideation through launch.
  • Strategic: Program Managers anticipate bottlenecks, weigh the costs and benefits of various solutions, forecast delivery timelines, and balance business needs with technical constraints. They provide crucial oversight and insight across projects.
  • Communicators: By nature of their position, Program Managers must be strong communicators across multiple stakeholders. They translate information from technical team members to business counterparts. When problems arise, they feel comfortable escalating them to the proper stakeholders and identifying actionable solutions.
  • Collaborators: Program Managers partner with engineering, product, and business leadership to build highly collaborative teams and facilitate compromises across teams and stakeholders.
  • Think big and small: Program Managers look for scalable solutions that can move entire parts of organization, rather than just one team or a few. They understand our large, interconnected projects and cross-product dependencies deeply. While Program Managers can manage projects at a high level across teams, they can also help individuals and teams deconstruct problems into smaller solvable solutions.
  • Data and impact driven: Program Managers identify metrics that quantify success. They use those metrics to understand team and project impact. Furthermore, they are constantly looking for the projects and solutions that deliver the highest impact and value for the company.
  • Comfortable navigating ambiguity: Program Managers know when they or their teams are stuck. They gather information, mediate hard conversations, and identify a path forward that others can confidently follow.
  • OK to travel: Carta’s Design team is in multiple locations in the bay area, Seattle, Waterloo, New York, and Rio.. This candidate should be open to travel to different locations as needed (post-COVID).


We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to providing a positive interview experience for every candidate. If accommodations due to a disability or medical condition are needed, connect with us via email at As a company, we value fairness, helpfulness, transparency, leadership and build our teams around these values. Check out our careers page to get to know us better as you think about your next step at Carta.