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About Adyen

Looking for the unobvious?
So are we.


We took an unobvious approach to starting a payments company. 

We created a unique solution for the purpose of optimizing payments. Today we’re the payments platform of choice for the world’s leading companies.

To maintain our momentum, we need people to join us in finding new ways of solving our unique challenges – people like you.


Adyen Formula

The way we work is guided by the eight principles of the Adyen Formula.

We build to benefit all merchants (not just one)

We make good choices to build an ethical business and drive sustainable growth for our merchants

We launch fast and iterate

Winning is more important than ego; we work as a team – across cultures and time zones

We don’t hide behind email, instead we pick up the phone

We talk straight without being rude

We include different people to sharpen our ideas

We create our own path and won’t be slowed down by “stewards”

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